AP Calculus Guest Speaker Nicholas Johnson 2015

The AP Calculus class was fortunate to have yet one more guest lecturer to cap off the year.  Nicholas Johnson, Selwyn House Class of 2015 and recent valedictorian for the Princeton Undergraduate Class of 2020 joined our class Thursday, June 11th, to talk to our students about the versatility and importance of applied mathematics.  A graduate from the Faculty of Engineering, in the Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering, Nick explained his research and how the Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE) method can be carried out to evaluate risk and estimate probabilities across industries.  
Understandably inundated with requests for interviews and meetings, Nick was nonetheless very happy to talk to our students about life after Selwyn and his path towards applied mathematics.  In addition, Nick seamlessly presented the sophisticated mathematics he is studying in the context of the limits, series and derivatives the students have learned this year.  I had no choice but to recognize and commend him on his ability to teach and hope that he will choose to incorporate teaching, at least in part, in his future career path. 
We are very thankful to Nick for taking the time to give back to the Selwyn Community.  I know that the students learned from, and appreciated, his visit.
Attached is the recording of the lesson, warning the math is advanced.
Samara Sayegh - Math Teacher