JJ Molson signed to Packers

Old Boy JJ Molson 2014 has confirmed that he signed as a kicker with the Green Bay Packers’ practice squad on Dec. 22.
"I was signed to the practice squad roster as a backup for Mason Crosby for the last two games of the season and the upcoming playoffs,” JJ told Selwyn House Athletic Director Mike Maurovich Jan. 7.
“I lift, practice and travel with the team, etc. Things are great. We have light practice today and tomorrow, looks like we'll be playing next Saturday, so that is what we are preparing for.”
JJ added that it was special being in Green Bay and practicing on the Packers’ storied Lambeau Field. He is enjoying soaking up Packers history in the place he calls “The Mecca of Football.”
The Packers’ website says the team had been auditioning a number of kickers to ensure they had a full COVID-free roster heading into the playoffs. JJ had tried out with the team in November and had served briefly on their practice team at that time.