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Yan Besner ’96 champions mental wellness

Mental wellness, and how to achieve it, is becoming a more open subject among Canada’s highly successful professionals.
Selwyn House Old Boy Yan Besner ’96 has become a champion of mental wellness in the legal profession and was recently interviewed by Dr. Joe Flanders (Also a Selwyn House grad, Class of ’96), a Montreal-based clinical psychologist with Mindspace Wellbeing, on the Mindspace Podcast.
The legal profession has always been a culture that values hard work, financial rewards and status, often at the expense of personal health and well-being. But that culture seems to be changing, thanks to people like Yan.
A few years ago, Yan’s struggles with depression led him to seek therapy, something that has always been “a taboo concept” among lawyers, he says.
But things are different today. “There are so many tools now to feel better,” he says, and it’s being spoken about proactively in law firms across the country.
“We’re talking about this,” Yan says.
To listen to Yan’s interview on the Mindspace Podcast, click here.