Middle School

1000 sandwiches of kindness delivered

On Saturday, April 3, Selwyn House Senior Science Teacher David Grier, along with Grade 10 student Beck Majdell and Phil Bergeron (Ms. Prieur's husband) delivered well over 1,000 sandwiches to the following locations: La Maison Benoit, Accueil Bonneau, Parc Emilie Gamelin, La Maison du Père and Cabot Square.
It was all part of the school’s “1,000 Acts of Kindness” Campaign, Week 2: Montrealers for Montrealers sandwich challenge.
“At Selwyn House, we have embarked on our first 1,000 Acts of Kindness Challenges,” explains Mr. Grier. “We will attempt over a 10-week period to perform 100 specific acts of kindness each week. This week, the second of ten weeks, our challenge was to prepare 100 loaves of sandwiches for Montreal's less comfortable and fortunate community. We met the challenge and thanks to you and our "roadies," we were able to deliver sandwiches, snacks and all kinds of comfort food to those people and citizens among us who are in need at this time. 
“Above and beyond the acts of giving, we come away from today with a sense of awareness that a lot of work needs to be done, but also hope and the knowledge that a lot of people care, give and are doing really good things for our communities.”