Toronto Old Boys get update at Reunion

Sixteen Old Boys and five staff members gathered online April 20 for the annual Toronto Old Boys’ Reunion.
Headmaster Mike Downey brought everyone up to speed about how the school is dealing with the COVID situation, predicting that the school would be operating as normal by fall.
“We hope to be back in blazers and ties by September,” he said.
The conversation dwelt on the prospects of forming an Old Boys’ pickup hockey team in Toronto, and the speculation about who will be next to join the school’s Athletic Hall of Fame.
 “I remember Gordon Phillips in his blue convertible two-seater with the rumble seat en arrière transporting soccer balls and whatever else was needed up to the two soccer fields we used on the mountain,” said Anson McKim.
Old Boys attending were: James Brooks '97, Matt Busbridge '99, Matt Behr 2016, James Cameron '98, Chris Eich '97, Steven Frankel 2000, Joshua Hanek 2009, Sean Maislin 2003, Anson McKim '49, Sean McKinnon’ 98 (OBA Vice-President), Michael Whitehead ’78, Clay Sequiera 2014, Evan Sequeira 2008, Kyam Shell-Schnitzer 2001 (OBA Secretary) and Anthony Garufi ’98 and OBA President Josh Wisenthal '99.
Selwyn House staff members joining them from Montreal were: Mary Ann Cloherty, Sharon Cozens, Mike Downey, Peter Govan and Richard Wills.