New York Reunion: outstanding year

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, it has been a productive year for the Old Boys Association, said President Josh Wisenthal ’99 to the five Old Boys present for the New York OBA Reunion on April 22.
Reporting on what’s going on at the school, Headmaster Mike Downey said it has been an outstanding year. Of prospective students who have been accepted by the school, over 80 per cent are making Selwyn House their first choice.
This partly because the school has developed a reputation as a school that has handled the COVID situation very well.
“The whole community has come together,” said Mr. Downey.
The OBA is looking to establish a mentoring program and speaker series, a project that Fenton Aylmer offered to help with.
Attending were: Fenton Aylmer '83, Alexander Kippen '78, David Marler '70 (originally from New Jersey, spent 16 years in the Near and Far East, now in Hamilton), Jason Tsoukas ’99 (OBA Board member, now living in Burlington), Kyam Shell-Schnitzer 2001 (OBA Secretary) and Josh Wisenthal ’99. They were joined by staff members Mike Downey, Mike Maurovich, Mary Ann Cloherty, Sharon Cozens and Richard Wills.