Senior students attend School of Life

On April 21, Selwyn House Senior School students attended online workshops on a variety of subjects as part of the school’s annual School of Life day. This year’s program had a special focus, as Senior Science Teacher and organizer David Grier explains:
“In putting together this year’s School of Life conference, we hoped to offer a dose of inspiration and vision to all of our Senior School students,” he says. The conference was designed and built around helping our students live with purpose and compassion. In a sense, the conference presented itself as a way of looking to the future by thinking about careers and lifestyle with advocacy, activism and collectivity in mind.”
The workshops were:
Track One: People, Planet & Place
  1. Telling the Truth About Real World Ocean Plastic, Prevention and Recycling, with Raffi Schieir.
  2. Watersheds Canada­ – Protecting Canada’s Lakes and Rivers, with Chloe Lajoie.
  3. Can Social Movements Meet the Ecological and Social Challenge?, with Louis Ramirez
Track Two: Women and the World
  1. Humanitarian Action in the 21st Century – From Colonial Health to a Radical Community-First Philosophy, with Rachel Kiddell-Monroe.
  2. Doctoring Outside the Box, with Ingrid Kovitch (Dannenbaum)
  3. Let’s Create to Elevate!, with Roen Higgins
Track 3: Indigenous Empowerment
  1. La cineaste aventurière qui fait tout! par Annie-Claude Roberge.
  2. The Resilience of Indigenous People, by Nakuset
  3. Storytelling as Indigenous Activism, with Tomas Jirousek
Track 4: Sustainability
  1. How Tracking Litter is Making a Difference by Bhargavi Mantha
  2. The Climate Crisis and How People are Challenging Banks and Pension Funds to be Part of the Solution, by Richard Brooks ’92 (For more on this workshop, click https://www.selwyn.ca/news-detail?pk=1415361&fromId=265063.)
  3. Waste Not, Want Not, by Keroles Riad
  4. Polar Girls and a Polar Dog – Extreme Citizen Science in the Arctic, with Sunniva Sorby and Hilde Strom
Track 5: Mental Wellness
  1. A Positive Psychology Toolkit, with Brent Evans
  2. Food and Mood, with Robin Glance and Carissa Springer
  3. Breathing to Reduce Stress and Boost Performance, with Dave Mochel
Track 6: Black Changemakers
  1. CFL Grey Cup Champ, Jurist and Founder of Montréal en Action with Balarama Holness,
  2. The Genesis of Working in My Purpose, with Tiffany Calendar
  3. Anybody Can Be a Changemaker, with Israel Tamale, Class of 2017
  4. Discrimination and Civil Rights in Montreal – The Realities on the Ground, with Fo Niemi