Star athlete, crusader and candidate speaks to students

Balarama Holness, a community organizer, lawyer, Grey Cup champion, social entrepreneur, professor, author, and candidate for Mayor of Montreal, gave a rousing motivational speech to Selwyn House Senior School students on September 3.
The speech was part of the school’s Week of Welcome, an event designed to allow students to reconnect with one another at the beginning of the school year.
Holness encouraged his audience to take a positive approach to life and to strike a healthy balance between what we have and what we can be.
Only starting playing football at age 18, Holness went on to help the Montreal Alouettes win the Grey Cup in 2010. He has earned five degrees, including a Master’s in Education and a law degree from McGill.
In 2018, Holness launched a drive to force a public inquiry into systemic racism in Montreal and formed Montreal in Action to promote community involvement around this issue.
He ran for mayor of the Borough of Montreal-Nord in 2017, and in May of this year he formed the Mouvement Montreal party and announced his bid to become mayor of Montreal in November.