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Friendship Circle

Join the Friendship Revolution!
Friendship Circle creates friendship in the lives of individuals with special needs and provides an opportunity to become a contributing member of the community. Through our programming, Friendship Circle aims to promote an inclusive community that values all individuals regardless of the challenges they face.

Volunteer Opportunities: September - June

- Mondays - Arts & Dance (5PM-7PM)
- Tuesdays - Music & Cooking (5PM-7PM)
- Wednesdays - Rhythm Exchange & Yoga (5PM-7PM)
- Thursdays - Cooking & Drama (5PM-7PM)
- Sundays - Girls & Boys Club (1PM-3PM), Teen Club (4PM-6PM)
Revolution 4.0
The Revolution Program, going on its fourth year now, is an inclusivity and leadership initiative facilitated by Friendship Circle. Each year groups are formed of both neurodiverse and neurotypical participants. Together they come up with a passion project that will promote inclusion in our community. As an example, last year we had groups create an inclusive cookbook, a children's book, a board game, and the list goes on!

Each month we meet to have a workshop/speaker to learn more about what we can do to be leaders in our community, and to bring about positive change. Outside of these groups meet typically once a month to discuss their individual projects. Each participant does 120 hours of volunteer service that is centered around inclusivity. This can be anything from watching TV shows on inclusivity, or calling a friend to ask how they are doing.

At the end of the project, each participant receives a government commendation for their involvement.

Revolution 4.0 will run from September 2022 to March 2023.

If you would like to volunteer for any of these programs please reach out to Morgan, the volunteer coordinator at The Friendship Circle.