Old Boys soccer team brings pandemic-year alumni together

The Old Boys United soccer team is alive and well after two years of uncertainty.

The team’s founder, Philippe Carvalho-Guertin ‘20, came up with the idea during his final year at Selwyn House, which coincided with the first year of the pandemic.

''From March 2020 to the summer of 2021, most of my graduating class was stuck doing online school,’’ says Carvalho-Guertin, who manages and plays for the team. ‘‘For my group of friends, it was very hard to see each other for that dreadful year and a half.’’

In the summer of 2021, the boys were allowed to play pickup soccer after restrictions were loosened.

''We had an absolute blast and began to go every week,’’ he explains. ‘‘Then it dawned on me that the next summer would be our last one together before we would all depart to university. We weren't quite sure if we would all stay in Montréal, so the idea of making a soccer team crossed my mind. It would be a great way for all of us to meet up every week and practice a sport that we all really enjoyed playing together.’’

With the core group needing more players, Carvalho-Guertin reached out to his network of Old Boys, and by mid-October the roster had 15 players.

In January 2022, the team joined the Canadian Corporate Soccer League, becoming an official club: Old Boy United.

The team found sponsors and has official kits. Matches for the 2022 season began on May 6.
The team 


Philippe Carvalho-Guertin ‘20


Class of 2020: Simon Trudeau, Alessandro Lecavalier, Tomas Dubroca, Adriano Cecere, Victor Jamet-Larsen, Carl Heidemann, Rory Krnjevic, Philippe Carvalho-Guertin, Xavier Dumas, Christopher Jari, Daniel Kalichman, David Layman, and Johann Tremblay-Kau

Class of 2021: Dean Farias 

You can follow the team on Instagram @oldboysunited and on Twitter @OldBoysUnited