Nouvelles des anciens

Aitkens conquer the High Arctic

Old Boys Ian Aitken '81 and his son Angus Aitken '17 skied across Ellesmere Island in the High Arctic during May 2022. The expedition saw the small group of six skiers pull sleds 200km through the Sverdrup Pass and then down the coast to Alexandra Fiord. They were awed by the immense beauty of this very remote part of Canada and had several successful encounters with polar bears. 

You can check other wonderful video series of the expedition:
Introduction                                                  https://youtu.be/pGBQdvaLCuM                             
Chapter One: The Journey North              https://youtu.be/S0DS4yUd0Fc
              Chapter Two: Grounded                              https://youtu.be/_dzl8sQIyfg
              Chapter Three: Up the Pass                        https://youtu.be/9wqCyZOeONQ
               Chapter Four: Through the Pass                https://youtu.be/aZyGwTbwhWM
               Chapter Five: To Alexandra Fiord             Coming soon
               Chapter Six: The route                                Coming soon