Class of 2022 inducted into Old Boys’ Association

62 new members of the graduating Class of 2022 were officially inducted into the Selwyn House Old Boys' Association (OBA) on June 21. The event took place at a dinner in Coristine Hall, with special guests including 21 Old Boys and staff members. Old Boys sat among the students sharing stories from the past and offering advice for their post-secondary life. Thomas Backman ’22 specifically requested to meet Tiga Sontag ’90, to learn more about his musical journey.

Senior School Director Neil Banerjee welcomed the group on behalf of Headmaster Mike Downey, who was attending his daughter’s university graduation ceremony. OBA Board Member Justin Kuzmicki ’05 congratulated the class and thanked the nine Class Reps who volunteered to be the liaison between the school and their class: Jacob Arbeitor, Mik Auerbach, Will Dobson, Sam Elkas, Max Heidemann, Zhencheng “Ray” Qiu, Chris Rossy, Josh Samuels, and Jamie Wiseman.
Justin shared the history of the OBA, founded in 1953, and the fact that the association has grown from 450 to over 3,200 active members worldwide. He spoke about the three main goals of the association: 1) to keep Old Boys informed about the school 2) to keep Old Boys connected to the school and with one another and 3) to help the school in any way it can–by promoting the school, and giving back.

Justin went on to say that the OBA network is an extension of their school experience with new opportunities and fellow Selwyn House alumni to get to know. He spoke about the importance of staying connected after graduation and recognized the special bond they have with their classmates. “You grew up together–you don’t get to grow up again”, he said. 

Director of Advancement Sharon Cozens described the variety of events that are available for alumni across the globe and ways to stay in touch. Mary Ann Cloherty, Director of Annual Giving and Old Boy Relations, then invited the students to come forward to receive their Old Boys’ tie from OBA Board Directors Evren Boisjoli ’08, Aria Khiabani ’18, and Justin Kuzmicki ’05. There was a passing of the torch so to speak as Old Boy guests presented ties to their son/brother/nephew/friend.

The class arrived as students and left as Old Boys. Another year for the Selwyn history books.

Alan Rossy ’79
Chris Gillett ’85
Tim Anderson ’86
Vince Guzzo ’86
Justin Vineberg ’88
Richard Sabbagh ’90
Tiga Sontag ’90
Anit Soni ’93
Brad Massi ’97
Justin Kuzmicki ’05
Evren Boisjoli ’08
Stephen Baxter ’13
Aidan Walter ’15
Matthew Levine ’17
Noah Assayag ’18
Aria Khiabani ’18
Zac Merhi ’18
Josh Nadler ’18
Raphaël Ferreira ’19
Carl Heidemann ’20
Shengyuan “Jack” Wang ’21

Kim Auclair
Neil Banerjee
Mary Ann Cloherty
Sharon Cozens
Herby Frémont
Peter Govan
Nancy Hébert
Mike Maurovich
Brenda Montgomery