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Four Old Boys collaborate in short film

Four members of the Class of 2017 Aymeric BarbeauJustin CalandrielloThomas Dalton and Todd Houghton have created their first short film Still Together which screens on July 14 at 10pm at Cinéma Moderne5150 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal. Doors will be open to Cinéma Moderne's café-bar starting at 8:30pm.

What a great collaboration of Selwyn House School Old Boys showcasing their many talents.
Aymeric - Writer, Casting Director, and Actor
Justin - Director, Producer, and Editor
Thomas - Co-Producer, Sound and Music
Todd - Writer, Storyboard, Script Supervisor
Note: Jesse Caruso '17 - Graphic Designer - Poster Art
The group's project "is an opportunity for up-and-coming actors, artists, and creatives alike to establish themselves in the industry. [Our] short film uses their eagerness and ambition to its advantage, while providing an experience that will serve them down the line in their careers. We also want[ed] to embrace our culture here in Montreal by incorporating bilingualism into the characters."

The Story
A group of friends try to enjoy a dinner party together while avoiding an elephant in the room. The story tackles themes of creating space in relationships and what it means to be present with those we love.

Who We Are
Our core group is composed of four people, each of us contributing something unique to the project:

Aymeric Barbeau - Writer, Casting Director, Actor:
Aymeric is a recent graduate of the Dawson College Professional Theatre program. With a long list of fellow actors and an extensive understanding of how to tell compelling stories, Aymeric will be a valuable resource in co-writing, casting, and assisting the director in rehearsals, as well as appearing in the film.

Justin Calandriello - Director, Producer, Editor:
Justin has worked in a production studio as a video editor for over two years and has worked on several sets as a production assistant. He has also been an amateur filmmaker for many years, directing and editing narrative pieces and music videos. Justin will be using his experience to direct, produce and edit the short film.

Thomas Dalton - Co-Producer, Sound and Music:
Thomas will be starting at Ryerson’s Media Production program soon, with a specialized interest in audio, having already produced music both commercially and professionally. He will be responsible for anything sound related, including sound editing and composing.

Todd Houghton - Writer, Storyboard, Script Supervisor:
With a passion for writing and a unique creative vision, Todd is co-creator in collaboration with Aymeric. Todd brings experience from his work on personal creative projects and is responsible for co-writing the screenplay, drawing the storyboard, and supervising script continuity on set. Todd will be studying Sociology at Concordia in the fall.

Source: https://www.gofundme.com/f/still-together-short-film