Old Boys' News

23rd Annual Young Old Boys BBQ

It was a pleasure to welcome back 41 of our younger Old Boys and 11 staff members to the 23rd Annual Young Old Boys BBQ. Alumni from the Classes of 2018-2022 enjoyed catching up with one another, eating hamburgers, and reuniting with their former teachers. Cam Widgington '21 was instrumental in getting half of his class out for the gathering. All enjoyed the event which took place on the newly-refurbished Old Boys' Association Playground.

Class of 2018
Matthew Tromp, Sean Watson, Miller Woodward
Class of  2019
Nicholas de Courcy-Ireland, Adam Girling
Class of 2021 George Adamopoulos, Matt Azoulay, Kayvan Barin, Guillaume Beauger, Kai Beerworth, Justin Boomhower, Guillaume Charbonneau, Aiden Cohen, Hugo Culver, Denis Dariotis,  Thiréhtha Diome-Deer, Matteo Farias, Aaron Fu, Aidan Gertler, Oscar Ham, Riley Handa, Matthew Homa, Sebbie Johnson, Sasha Klein-Charland, Justin Kugler, Jack Ladenheim, Dylan Lee, Markus Lulic-Descheneaux , Luca Manini-Vanasse, George Papadopoulos, Luca Parnas-Zver, Dean Perlman, George Pitsas, John Pitsas, Aidan Rawas, Matthew Salvati, Max Steinberg, Camden Widgington, Jack Wise
Class of 2022 Ray Qiu, Heyang Xu
Staff: Kimberly Auclair, Mary Ann Cloherty, Sharon Cozens, Mike Downey, Pete Govan, Sebastien Lajoie, Michael Maurovich, Jon Merritt ’04, Brenda Montgomery, Irène Vidal, Mark Watson