Selwyn House School hosts Design Challenge

On November 4, 5, & 6, Selwyn House School, in collaboration with the Concussion Legacy Foundation Canada and Play4Tomorrow, hosted the Design Challenge. This event is a hybrid on-line and/or in-person experience where students learn the design thinking process and are challenged to redesign the future of sport, while considering the dangers of concussion injuries. Students worked in a secure, video-game-like online portal. Those who were at Selwyn House made physical prototypes for their ideas. Challenge creator and facilitator, former pro-football player Brian Bulcke, from the Stanford design and engineering schools, and Managing Partner of Play4Tomorrow, along with his team, provided feedback as students tested and iterated their designs. 
Students from other schools were also invited. Serena said, “It is an amazing event and though it was more about finding a solution and inventing more sports, we were able to connect and collaborate with other students.” Antoine added, “It’s a very fun experience and inspirational. I learned that there are things around sports we don't talk about much, like prevention of concussions; training and motivation are really important, too.” David noted, “It was really fun and I really enjoyed it. It helped me realize how creative I really am.”
This is the second year that Selwyn House School has hosted the event. The school is proud to partner with Concussion Legacy Foundation Canada and work with the Executive Director, Old Boy Tim Fleiszer ‘92. Tim is a four-time Grey Cup Champion and graduate of Harvard University. 
On Friday, special guests and supporters of the foundation were invited to watch the Design Challenge in action and learn more about this initiative. Tim, Brian and Selwyn alumni parent Dr. David Mulder (MGH Head of the Division of thoracic, Montreal Canadiens team physician and Montreal Alouettes advisor) spoke about how athletes and coaches can be smarter and safer in sports.