Old Boys' News

First Movember Wellness Panel

Senior School students have organized Movember Wellness panels in support of men’s overall health throughout the month of November. At the November 9 assembly, Prefect James Downey moderated the conversation with Senior Science teacher Mr. Grier, Geoff Moore ’83, and School Counselors Ms. Springer and Ms. McGirr. 
Mr. Grier and Mr. Moore shared their own personal and emotional stories. Panelists went on to speak about different aspects of mental health giving the students practical tools to navigate the ups and downs of their life. Mr. Grier noted three key things that help maintain his mental health: proper sleep, a healthy diet, and fitness, both physical and mental. Mr. Moore spoke about self-talk and the importance of each day and every step, essentially to focus on the process–not just the outcome. Ms. Springer reminded the boys of the importance of asking for help in whatever way they find easiest–because the longer one goes without asking for help, the harder it is to get back to a healthy mental state. Ms. McGirr added that it is normal to feel stressed and overwhelmed–it’s how human beings process their emotions–so it is important to reach out when you do not feel your best. She added that we have to be there for our loved ones and friends and reach out to them when they don't seem to be themselves.
To conclude the assembly, James spoke about his experience with mental health. He opened up telling the students that it was difficult to reach out for help, at first. He also spoke about the invisibility of mental health and how everyone around him had no idea what he was going through, emphasizing the importance of speaking up. 
A follow-up Movember Wellness Panel takes place on November 16 to discuss different ways students can take action to maintain their mental health in their day-to-day lives.