Selwyn House Scholars win Medals at World Scholar’s Cup

The team of Shen Hudon, Edward Kovac, and Augusto Liberatore Morandi participated in the Tournament of Champions at Yale University from November 10-16. 
More than 1500 students from all over the world gathered to participate in this academic competition with four events: debate, collaborative essay writing, a bowl, and the scholar’s challenge. Students prepare by studying a very comprehensive curriculum with subject areas in history, science, art, music, literature, and social studies. The theme this year was “A World Renewed”. It was truly incredible to watch these students master the curriculum.
To be invited to the Tournament of Champions, the team had to compete at a regional level and then do well at a global tournament, which was held in Prague in August.
The students won gold and silver team and individual medals in the various events at the Senior Level even though they are still in Grade 9. 
As well as competing on the Yale University campus, the students were also invited to tour M.I.T. and Harvard University in Boston.
Selwyn House is very proud of Shen, Edward, and Augusto. 
The regional round of the World Scholar’s Cup will be held again in February 2023. All students are encouraged to participate by seeing Ms. Montgomery.