24 hours for the Unhoused

Last night, on November 14, 27 members of the Selwyn House community (including 23 students and Old Boy Quentin Corning '14) slept in the west yard to show solidarity with the unhoused community.
Participants lent a hand collaborating with local NGO "Bread and Beyond" to make over 600 ham and cheese sandwiches. Kirstie, the founder, and her team of volunteers were truly remarkable.
Afterwards, the participants broke their fast with hot dogs and hot chocolate provided by NGO "Dans la rue". Dans la rue brought four volunteers, who shared some of their experiences and testimonials about what it is like living on the street. The Selwyn House boys were engaged and curious and the people at Dans la rue were eager to share and chat with them.
Selwyn House teacher David Grier, the event organizer, commented, "The young men who participated have represented Selwyn House with a real kindness and empathy for others. It is heartwarming to hear their questions and to be a part of this group. Lucky am I. Lucky are we." 
This morning, photojournalist Brayden Jagger Haines from Global News, arrived at 6:45 am to interview the participants about their experience. Read the full story here or watch the report.