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Speirs medalist Jonathan Goldbloom '72, elected chair of Hockey Canada's Board of Directors

Jonathan Goldbloom '72 was elected as the new chair of the Hockey Canada Board of Directors on November 18, 2023. A former Selwyn House Association Board Chair and Speirs medalist, Mr. Goldbloom is among two other individuals who were re-elected after serving on Hockey Canada's transition board of directors. He will serve in the role for a three-year term. Goldbloom has played an integral role in various committees, including the executive committee for the Beyond the Boards Summit and Hockey Canada's president and chief executive officer search committee.
In a statement on Hockey Canada's web page, Jonathan said, “I am very proud of the meaningful progress that our transition board of directors made in leadership renewal, sport safety, good governance and financial transparency and accountability for Hockey Canada...We have a strong foundation to build upon and I am eager to work with my new colleagues and Hockey Canada’s leadership team to continue to advance the sport that we love as Canadians.”
We are thrilled to congratulate Mr. Goldbloom on this outstanding achievement and look forward to seeing his continued impact on the organization in the years to come.

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