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"Valley of the Birdtail" Claims Literary Accolades for Alumnus of Selwyn House School

Andrew Sniderman '01, has received two Quebec Writers' Foundation awards for his latest project, Valley of the Birdtail, which he co-authored with Douglas Sanderson. Read more here:
Valley of the Birdtail recounts the story of two neighboring communities in western Manitoba. By exploring the lives of two residents and their families living on opposite sides of the river, the book provides a glimpse into the vastly different worlds of Rossburn – a predominantly white town with a higher family income and education rate – and Waywayseecappo – an Indigenous community that grapples with lower family income and education rates. The book effectively showcases the interdependence between Indigenous and settler histories, highlighting how past relationships have a significant impact on our present realities.
Valley of the Birdtail is a highly acclaimed book best known for its compassionate writing and attention to detail in research. The book has been featured on CBC Books' prestigious list of the best nonfiction of 2022, and has received praise from leading authors like David A. Robertson and Michael Ignatieff.
Andrew aspires to connect with students through his book, and is eager to engage in discussions with them about the story. He has kindly donated two copies of the book to the Selwyn House School Library.
Andrew is a New York-based lawyer, writer, and Rhodes Scholar (the second recipient of this award from the SHS Class of 2001). He has worked as a human rights policy advisor and appeared before the Supreme Court of Canada. He has written for several renowned publications.