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Old Boy’s Inspiring Mission to Honour Veterans

Alexander Gault ’80 was recently honoured with the Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation. He is a passionate supporter of veterans and their families, volunteering countless hours to the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Foundation and the For the Soldier Institute. Through his work with various organizations, Alex has helped raise nearly $680,000 to support Veterans, their families, and military education for Canadian youth. His focus is on empowering Veterans and youth beyond fundraising through his events.
Alex's involvement with the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Foundation began in 2014, where he volunteered to develop the necessary IT infrastructure and organizational branding to increase fundraising capacity. He later co-directed the Battle of the Somme Memorial Dinner in 2016, which raised $22,500 for youth military history education and helped deserving cadets go on battlefield tours in Europe.
In subsequent years, Alex's events have raised funds for Veterans' mental health and honoured First World War Veterans. These events include the Reaching the Summit and Heroes Hockey Challenge, which raised more than $300,000 combined. Alex's most recent fundraiser, Tanks & Tacos, raised $8,500 for Veterans' mental health and youth education.
Alex's work extends beyond fundraising. He aims to empower serving military members, Veterans, and cadets to contribute to their mental health, self-actualization, and support of their fellow Veterans. As the great-nephew of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry founder, Alex is committed to honouring his family's legacy by advocating for Veterans and their families. Read more...