Kindergarten End of the Year Celebration

The Kindergarten class gathered in the Rossy Agora on June 11, adorned with graduation hats, to celebrate the momentous occasion of successfully completing their first year at Selwyn House School. They sang a rendition of "What a Wonderful World" with the guidance of Mr. Kennedy, the Performing Arts & Technology teacher. A slideshow made by parents, dedicated to the teachers, was shown and brought smiles to all. The Kindergarten boys each received their own framed photo with their teachers and a portfolio containing their schoolwork from the past year.
A special thank you to Mme Martel, who was celebrated at the ceremony as she retired this December. As the founder of Selwyn's Kindergarten program, her time at Selwyn House is defined by her dedicated passion and kindness toward everyone she met.
Have a wonderful and safe summer holidays everyone, we look forward to seeing everyone back in the fall.

To see all the photos of the celebration click here.