Mike Downey became the ninth headmaster of Selwyn House School, on July 1, 2020, taking over from retiring Headmaster Hal Hannaford.
Mr. Downey has served at Selwyn House for 30 years as a teacher, coach and administrator. He taught ecology, biology, physical science, chemistry, science & technology, environmental science, and math; he coached football, hockey, rugby, tennis, basketball, and ball hockey; and he served as Assistant Headmaster and Head of Senior School before becoming Headmaster.
Prior to coming to Selwyn House, Mr. Downey was Head of the Science Department at Weston School in Montreal, and taught all science courses in Grades 8-11.
Mr. Downey lives in Beaconsfield. He graduated from Macdonald High School and attended McGill University, where he earned a B.Sc. in chemistry and a Dip. Ed. in chemistry and general science.
Mr. Downey serves on the boards of the Educational Alliance for Science & Technology and the Greater Montreal Athletic Association.
Mr. Downey and his wife, Laura Louttit, are very involved in St. Columba by-the-Lake Presbyterian Church in Pointe Claire.
Their elder daughter, Jenna, got her M.Sc. in math from UBC; their second daughter, Katelyn, is in a PhD program at the University of Toronto.
Selwyn House Headmasters
Algernon Lucas: 1908–1912
C. C. Macaulay: 1912–1929
Geoffrey Wanstall: 1929–1945
Robert Speirs: 1945–1971
Alexis Troubetzkoy: 1971–1981
Robert Manion: 1981–1984
William Mitchell: 1985–2008
Hal Hannaford: 2009–2020
Michael Downey: 2020–