Senior School students delight audiences with play

A group of Senior School students recently performed "Squad Goals: A Short Comedy", a short play written by Don Zolidis.

The publisher describes the play as follows:

"The crackpot coaches of a ragtag basketball team are looking for one more player, but if inspirational sports movies have taught us anything, it's that winners don't need to have superior talent--just the most heart. So these tryouts will test the hopefuls on the really important things: playing through an injury, giving a thrilling halftime speech, and, of course, moving exceptionally well in slow-motion to dramatic music. Scoring on the absurd cliches in every sports movie from Rudy to Air Bud, Squad Goals is a hilarious slam-dunk."

The boys performed in front of several audiences, including Grades 9, 10 and 11, as well as Middle School students. The school also welcomed family and friends who came for two evening performances on March 23.

Directed by Drama teacher Lucy Martin, the production featured two pairs of lead roles in addition to a full cast of characters.

Ramy Sirhan and Elliott Walter in the role of Coach Morrison
James Downey and Ryder Chittock in the role of Coach Weebly
Mikhael Auerbach in the role of Bailey
Marc-Antoine Bougie in the role of Thompson
Philippe Ghoche in the role of Alex
Louis Girard in the role of squad player 2
William Guertin, in the role of Terry
Ethan Kimmel in the role of Blake
Jonah Levitan in the role of Miles
Massimo Lorenzetti in the role Lou
Nate Mitelman, in the role of Jones
William Dobson Park in the role of squad player 4
Eric Parodi in the role of Watkins
Russel Reim in role of squad player 3
Benjamin Yedid in the role of squad player 1