L’éducation expérientielle

Leadership étudiant

OUR 2023/2024 PREFECTS:

Co-Head Prefect - Luca Kestenband
Co-Head Prefect - Crosby Wise
Co-Community Prefect - Nicolas Capolicchio
Co-Community Prefect - Tony Liu
Co-Learning Prefect - Benecio McCauley
Co-Learning Prefect - Jack Salkovitz
Co-Wellness Prefect - Bobby Avedesian
Co-Wellness Prefect - Yulen Billy
Group Values:
Respect: Understand different opinions, views, and values while respecting individuals’ identities
Health / Wellbeing: Express personal needs in safe ways to help everyone feel taken care of physically and mentally
Growth / Learning: Seeking opportunities for growth/learning in all areas and adapt as our perspectives change and feedback is given
Trust: Communicate clearly and create a culture where people feel safe to be vulnerable