Students take multiple prizes at World Scholar’s Cup

On April 3 and 4, several Selwyn House students participated in the World Scholar's Cup at St. George’s School.

The Scholar’s Cup is an academic competition with four events: Team Debate, Collaborative Writing on one of 6 topic areas, Scholar’s Challenge, a multiple choice test on the curriculum “A World Renewed”, and the Scholar’s Bowl – a team “clicker” quiz against other teams in the theatre.

The Selwyn House teams did very well in all of the events, winning many medals and trophies. The full result list will be available on the Scholar’s Cup website soon.

Congratulations to the following Selwyn House Scholars: 

Elementary School Teams

Cameron Beecher Schnarch
Tommy Hou
Henry Carsley
Tyler Xue
Shawn Chen
Lucas Cheung
David Vu
Yimo Dai
Jacques Ho

Middle School Teams

Shen Hudon
Edward Kovac
Augusto Liberatore Morandi

Olivier Morin
Mateo Novak
Spencer Roiter

Demacio Amalfitano
Joseph Brydges
Jacob Bukhman

Maher Chaban
Liam Sayegh Letourneau
Hugo Shea
Max Arbour
Jon Nadler
Ethan Wang

Senior School Team

James Downey
Jack Salkovitz
William Yang