Twenty-two students receive Duke of Edinburgh Award

On April 6, Michael Downey, Head of School, presented certificates to 22 Senior School students in recognition of their participation in the Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award program.
Recipients must complete three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each level requires training, achievement, and recognition in the basics of good citizenship. Duke of Ed activities embrace a wide variety of interests, including physical activities, educational training, self-discipline, and service to the community—all designed to advance the physical, mental and spiritual welfare of young people.
To receive the award, participants must set goals in four program areas, which are:
  • Voluntary Service – Providing volunteer service to others and the community.
  • Skill Development – Developing a personal interest, social or practical skill.
  • Physical Recreation – Gaining a sense of achievement and good health through physical fitness activities and sports.
  • Adventurous Journey – Undertaking a wilderness or adventure experience.
  • Gold Project - undertaking a shared activity or specific course in an unfamiliar environment.
The following students won the Bronze Award in Grade 9: 
Alistair Alloucherie-Conover
Luka Bienvenue
Aaron Maxwell
The following students won the Bronze Award in Grade 10: 
Gabriel Cabelli
Adolfo De Motta Molina
Max Depatie
James Downey
Lawrie Feng
Lambros Papadopoulos
Jacky Sun
In Grade 11, the Bronze Award was given to: 
William Dobson
Harry Dwyer
Josh Samuels 
Alexander Wang
Heyang Xu
William Vu 
Cliff Zhang
Davis Zhang
Samuel Elkas, Xavier Ferreira, Vito Guzzo and Simon Yao won the Silver Award for Grade 11.