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Gryphons bring back banner after 19 years

Congratulations to the Selwyn House School players, coaches and athletic therapists on winning the RSEQ Juvenile Football (Gr. 10-11) D3 Regional Championship Banner. This is the first Selwyn Juvenile Football championship since 2003. Our boys were ready and delivered an awesome performance despite the unusual snowy field conditions with a 30-2 win over Collège de Montréal. "The coaching staff is very proud of the young men who were a part of the journey this year. They have sealed their page in the Selwyn House School’s history book. Way to finish what you started!” - Coach Lukca

Highlight Video
Here are all the Best folders for the season, if you wanted to check out more photos and videos:
vs Loyola  Semi-Final
vs Chêne-Bleu