SHS: the education that keeps on giving!

Students in the Grade 11 Entrepreneurship class work with real businesses in the community, allowing students to act as business consultants, thus helping companies by researching solutions to their real-world problems.
Yan-Maurice McNiven ’13, Callum McInnes ’13, and Michael Sarlos ’13 are starting a new company called Algo U. They plan to design educational software to help people navigate some of the issues related to social media and platforms. 
In November, Mr. McNiven met with senior students in the Entrepreneurship class to share his current business initiative. He spoke to students about his business and asked them for help. The questions revolved around marketing, creating platform desirability without comprising the educational component, making e-learning both engaging and educational, and the critical considerations for effective e-learning at different age groups. 
Over the following few classes, senior students did their best to find answers to these questions and propose some solutions. Yan came in on December 6 to hear what the boys had discovered. Since then, Yan and his team have already implemented at least one of their suggestions! — Mr. Watson, Senior Social Studies Teacher