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McGill celebrates SHS Football on and off the field

In their November football newsletter, McGill University recognizes the Selwyn House School football program, SHS coaches (McGill alumni), and features SHS Director of Athletics Mike Maurovich for his dedication over the years. Read more...

Congrats to Selwyn House Football
Former McGill players/coaches Anthony Lukca, Lenny Dion, and Mike Maurovich are city champs! They defeated Collège de Montréal in the Juvenile Football Division 3 Championship. Shoutout to former McGill players Charles-William Tremblay and David Polynice who were on the CDM coaching staff. An all McGill final - well done!
Forever Red is a monthly column that will profile a notable McGill football alumnus. This month we feature former player and coach, Mike Maurovich.
McGill Football’s Northern Star
It can be observed that all of our feature subjects share some common characteristics and personality traits. Elements such as determination, commitment, dedication and sacrifice are all unspoken prerequisites to attain the honour. Well, this month’s feature subject takes all the afore mentioned qualities to a whole new level and throw in loyalty and courage while you are at it.
When I say the words: Forever Red, Mike Maurovich‘s image almost always comes to mind. I have never met an individual with more loyalty toward McGill University than Mike. He is a prolific recruiter for the University and especially the Football program. There is hardly a Selwyn House graduate who has not had the ….“have you considered McGill“ conversation with Director Maurovich.
The greatest compliment any athlete could hope to receive is the respect of their coaches, teammates and sometimes even their adversaries. The following testimonials provide as comprehensive a depiction of Mike as is possible in the limited space available.
"It is a real honor for me to comment on Mike Maurovich. As a player, we always knew his side was well-defended. He was one of the best tacklers we ever had and he was very effective covering the pass. I will never forget when we played bishops in the 1987 playoff game, coming out of the warmup with shorts while the snow fell. This had a positive effect on the team.
I firmly believe That McGill lost an opportunity when Mike was overlooked when the head coaching job became available. I was very lucky to have Mike on my coaching staff for 20 years. As a coordinator of the defense, he was always well prepared. Mike was always positive, confident and especially loyal. I was lucky to have many great coaches over the years and Mike Maurovich was one of them."
- Respectfully, Charlie Baillie
Fellow teammate and friend, Remy Kawkabani had this to say about his Football Brother:
"I played with Mike, both at Vanier College and then at McGill. So, I probably know him better than most. Mike was the consummate team player, fully-dedicated, almost exclusively to giving everything he personally could to help the team win. This attitude was prevalent both on and off the field. 
Hard as nails, always up for the fight, and a leader from the front, Mike was a constant in our football lives. Almost like the Northern Star. You always knew what was expected of yourself to reach the level that Mike expected of himself. And as we all appreciate more and more with each passing year, determination, commitment, courage, and willingness to engage at full throttle are pretty important variables for success both on a sports field, or in life itself. Which I think explains to some degree at least why any team or organization that Mike was involved with always seemed to excel. 
On top of all else, Mike is a genuinely good man.  A human being of the highest order.  Someone that you would be fortunate to be able to call a friend."
- Remy Kawkabani ‘82
We congratulate Mike on his illustrious career as an educator, administrator, coach, mentor, and motivator; we also extend our thanks and appreciation for his loyalty, commitment and friendship.